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Fowey Pursuit Race

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Saturday August 27th 2005

Course 1, the shortest, had been chosen more with regard to the shipping movements than wind strength but as it turned out course 0 (option for next year) would have been better. There was a useful breeze around a patch of rain at about 09:45 - 10:00 and the boats that had started by then were able to clear the local tide and head out into the favourable channel stream. Mary Boon used that brief spell to get offshore as far as possible to find the strongest tide and was lucky to keep a breath of wind from the north.

The later starters didn't move until the local tide eased but they then found enough wind to keep going. All morning Narnia was kept busy logging retirement calls in channel 77 including her own on the pretext of having a party to organise. At this stage it was announced that there would be a prize for anyone who sailed around the Dodman and spurred on by that and perhaps a chance that a new wind would spring up and get them to the finish before the 17:30 time limit six boats stuck it out. At around 14:00 the sun came out and there was a new wind from just south of east which gave a very pleasant spinnaker leg across Mevagissey Bay. However, at 16:30 the lead boat had 5 miles to go and an average speed of 3 knots with no realistic chance that something would happen to get her there in time. With her retirement broadcast the others followed suit and joined the MYC group on Pont Pill pontoon. A total of 20 club boats tied up in another port is possibly a record and the pontoons were well laden with people for the drinks party and awarding of KitKats for the Dodman prize.

Mary Boon
Mary Boon, well ahead of the pack, labours in vain towards the finish.
Pontoon party
Pious PelicanC CrabberJim Daniel 08:42DNF 
RattlerSabre 27Alan Ramsden 08:43DNC 
RaumatiVertueJenny Leathes 09:20DNC 
Fyne SpiritHillyardPeter Larner 09:20DNC 
Lizzie DrippingHeard 28Jane Ransby 09:20DNF 
SynergieW.KonsortBrian Dobson 09:20DNF 
SunriseHunter 26Roger Taylor 09:24DNC 
PallisanderSeamaster 815Janette Eathorne 09:29DNF 
Mary BoonContessa 26John Cruise 09:32DNF
NarniaMoody 346Phil Standley 09:35DNF 
KittiwakeSadler 26John Holdsworth 09:39DNF 
Sweet HarmonyMoody 29Simon Fleming 09:40DNF 
ZeldaSadler 29 (BK)G.Street 09:44DNF 
Lady in RedAchilles 24Veronica Walters 10:00DNC 
SplinterW FulmarPeter Jones 10:02DNF 
Jezail IISadler 29 (FK)Bob Shearer 10:02DNF 
Blue EyeNicholson 32A.Geddes-Brown 10:03DNS 
NanjizalBavaria 32John Foote 10:12DNF 
ShoestringW.LongbowChris Tamblyn 10:14DNF 
FreyjaNajad 331Jackie Baker 10:17DNF
Bonnie RContessa 32Donald Macaulay 10:22DNF 
CzarContessa 32Mike Lovesey 10:22DNF
Altijd WatBavaria 350Nigel Halladay 10:33DNF 
Just JusimJouet 1080Chris Westwood 10:45DNF
EthosBavaria 38Chris Davis 10:47DNF