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Laying-Up Race
Sunday 21 September 2008

Fyne Spirit
Fyne Spirit.



Report by John Cruise

Twelve boats took part, some in elaborate fancy dress, some in less elaborate dress and some who preferred to just race. So it has always been. However, a note about the cup winner being the boat with best time points had raised some queries and perhaps I was guilty of not making the precedent for this situation clearer.

As in some previous years, the race officer (me), ably assisted by Anna and Jeanette Ruberry, decide the best fancy dress prize should go to a team that had not got the best time points.

In fact it was a complex decision! Fyne Spirit clearly had best time points, being just 16 seconds early but Peter’s live guitar playing combined with his and Barbara’s 60’s rock garb made them strong contenders for best dress.

However, Gazelle was themed as “Ark of Mylor” with the boat decorated with pairs of animal cut-outs and the children dressed as tigers. Andrew and Susan were, of course, Mr and Mrs Noah.

Gazelle also achieved second best time points.

Runner up on the fancy dress front was Dhokos themed as the (T)Small Ships of Flushing. The cut-out additional crew lining the spars was an inspiration!

Of course, picking winners is always going to be a hard task in this kind of event and, in no particular order, credit is due to the crews of Misty, Pallisander, Mandarin (BATS), Freyja, Miss Avril, Just Jusim, Riduna, Ffeline and Rhum Truffle for making this such an enjoyable occasion.