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Newlyn Passage Race
23 August 2008

For the second year the Club has run a west bound passage race to coincide with the Newlyn Fish Festival. Nine boats set out on Saturday morning at self-determined start times that each skipper can calculate to optimise the wind and tide.

With the forecast south west wind increasing through the day and the favourable channel stream starting at noon it was obvious that that would be the best time to start. However, some of those in slower boats and with less experience of sailing around Lizard were impatient to get going earlier. Suffering the foul tide around The Manacles seemed a reasonable price to pay for a quieter rounding of Lizard Point on the first of the west-going stream. After a cracking close reach under spinnaker across Mounts Bay, the lone skipper on Mary Boon was pleased to finish in just under seven hours. But as others came in, the harsh facts from the calculator showed that she was well down the pecking order.

Jackie and Jeff Baker on Freyja were probably favourites to win and their five and a quarter hours elapsed time beat the next boat by twenty seven minutes on corrected time. That was Gazelle sailed by Andrew Nancarrow and his ten year old son Tom. Third place went to Anne and Alan Ramsden on Rattler. As the slowest boat in the fleet they had to compromise on the tides and would have rounded the Manacles buoy at slack water. With the wind strengthening against the now strong tide at Lizard they were well and truly tossed around in the over-falls followed by a very fast reach across Mounts Bay.

All agreed at had been a good sail rounded off by and excellent meal in the Lugger. Thanks are due to Chris Davis and Janette Eathorne for organising everything.

  1. Freyja (Jackie Baker)
  2. Gazelle, (Andrew Nancarrow)
  3. Rattler (Anne Ramsden)
  4. Pallisander (Jannette Eathorne)
  5. Dolly (Simon Fleming)
  6. Mary Boon (John Cruise)
  7. Kaleno (Chris Davis)
  8. Riduna (Mark Briggs)
  9. Synergy (Brian Dobson)