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Laying-Up Race
Sunday 27 September 2009

Fyne Spirit
Rattler, the eventual winner.

Sirius put on a good show.

Capt. Bagley (RO) reviews the fleet.

The rest of the committee boat team aboard Jemima.

Report by John Cruise

We had eleven boats starting with a light north-easterly breeze, but after half an hour the sun came out and the breeze faded. That disadvantaged the leading boats, Dhokos and Freyja down by St Just while others turned for the finish far too soon. One of those, SucÚ managed to hit Greatwood mark three times in an attempt to legitimately slow down. Others were luckier or cleverer and Mary Boon achieved best time points followed by Rattler and Pallisander. However, for race officer Bernie Bagley it all came down to the fancy dress and bribes. Vice Commodore Alan in drag was a sight to behold and the bag of chicken feed really hit the spot ensuring that Rattler won the Cup.