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    Laying Up Race
    26th September 2010

Report by Alan Ramsden

Sunday 26th September, what a morning. Brilliant sunshine and no wind - perfect for the start of the 2010 laying up race. The twelve participating boats arrived more or less on time and looking resplendent as they approached the start. For the next 41 minutes the committee boat watched as many of the competitors crossed the line, only to drift back again. This of course made judging the boat decor and crew fancy dress by the OOD much easier as it all happened in slow motion in front of his very eyes . Once the wind picked up the fleet scattered to all points of the compass with only one thought on their mind - at what point to peel off and head for the finish line. This is the time that the OOD needs his wits about him - did Sucé have her engine on? was Freyja deliberately stalling her steady progress? did Alias really mean all those nice things said about the committee boat and crew? etc etc - you understand the challenge. The decisions were made and it was back to the clubhouse for the results and prize giving. This is the one race of the year when everyone is a winner, prizes for everyone. Line honours and the cup for finishing within two seconds of 12.00 went to Chianti, whilst the overall winner was Dhokos with the crew of Dough Co's Bakery earning a magnificent 2,211 points. They were closely followed by the aircraft carrier HMS Riduna with 2,119 points and the Pope Aqua Mobile Sucé with 2,068 points - the sight of Pope Brian is still causing grown men to doubt their sanity! At the other end of scale the dubious honour of wooden spoon was awarded to Scoter and her crew of Moonies, the score of minus 8.925 points no doubt reflecting their inability to complete the course! All in all a brilliant race so well done to everybody - roll on next year!"