Mylor Yacht Club

The Laying-Up Race

29th September 2013


Race Officer's Report
The weather wasnít kind to us with more wind and more precipitation than expected but five boats turned out which was very pleasing. This event has taken place every year since 1989 and we didnít plan on letting that slip this time.
Two Shrimpers, Dawn of Polruan and Pelican made excellent starts and sailed the course better than the other three. However, this isnít a race and Wizard was the clear winner on time points with no discernable delaying tactics and was duly awarded the Laying-up Race Cup.
Aliasí Americaís Cup theme was very topical but we felt that 4 knots rather than 40 didnít really warrant the crash helmets! Choosing the best dressed boat and crew is always tricky but the team felt that Adelie came out on top after the usual plusses and minuses had been added up. Their theme was musical and they serenaded the committee boat and RIB from time to time. However, what really hit the spot was the bribe Ė chocolate brownies with themed icing scoring a unanimous 10 out of 10 Ė so the John Hodgson Trophy was theirs.

Wizard, Alias & Pelican
Dawn of Polruan & Adelie
Adelie's Prize