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Covid cases are increasing rapidly across the country. In Cornwall we are significantly higher than the national average. Worryingly the Cornwall incidence of new cases is significantly higher than this time last year.

There is debate, in political and medical circles as to the action the Government should or should not take at this time. What does appear clear to the clubs Covid Committee is that given the rising cases in Cornwall, and as we enter the winter months, with the probability of a flu epidemic as well, we need to make our own decisions to best protect our members.

We strongly believe that we must re-enforce our key preventative measures ourselves if we wish to continue with the Covid free success the club has enjoyed thus far.

Our aim is to provide the safest environment possible, whilst continuing to provide as much social interaction and activities within the club as possible.

There is good evidence that the use of face coverings, along with safe distancing, vaccinations, and club hygiene, are our best defence during the coming months.

We will therefore continue with our strict approach to face masks. All members and staff should always wear face coverings when moving around the club.

Due to the difficulty seeing the combination lock during the hours of darkness we will suspend the one-way system and revert to using the main entrance; this alone is good reason to adhere to face coverings. Please do not stop & talk on the stairs.

We have in place a limit on numbers attending any single event at the club to facilitate social distancing (numbers for each event will be advertised as appropriate). This has worked well to date, and we fully intend to continue with this approach for the foreseeable future. It is a time-consuming approach when booking through the bar staff and is leading to considerable confusion as Mark reports some members telephone, some e-mail and others try through the website.

It is therefore our intention that future bookings will need to be done through the website. We are currently reviewing the booking process to ensure as much simplicity as possible and will implement this action once we are satisfied. Once the online system is in place, we will notify the membership.

We would respectfully ask members to think considerately and not to book and then fail to turn up therefore depriving another member the opportunity to attend.

Like HMG we are loath to implement too many restrictions on members. There is however good evidence which HMG is ignoring, that face masks & social distancing reduce transmission.

We have a strong desire to see the club continue with the level of activity we have enjoyed over the past few months. The Covid committee believe that continuing with these simple measures will give us the best chance of the club continuing to function.

Thank you for your co-operation with these simple measures designed to protect everyone.


During this next phase our opening times will be modified as follows:

Monday and Tuesday          Closed

Wednesday                            10:00 – 17:00

Thursday                                10:00 – 17:00

Friday                                     10:00 – 17:00

Saturday                                10:00 – 17:00

Sunday                                  10:00 – 17:00

Wednesday and Friday nights open till 22:30 when there is an arranged event

For any enquiries please email commodore@myloryachtclub.org.uk or manager@myloryachtclub.org.uk.

Mylor Yacht Club is a relaxed, friendly and active club for people with interests in all aspects of yachting and boating. We are located in one of the most beautiful parts of Cornwall: at the entrance to Mylor Creek, off Carrick Roads.

The Club was formed in 1963 and now has approximately 800 members. We have a full summer programme of activities including cruising in company, “round the cans” and longer-distance racing, on-the-water powerboat training (the Club is an RYA recognised Training Centre) and both on- and off-the water social activities. During the winter there is a full social programme with talks on boating and other topics, and mostly during the winter, the Training Centre runs a wide range of shore-based RYA courses.

The Club also has its own very active ladies’ section, “Ladies who Launch”, offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities all year round. The Club also has a small number of deep-water moorings available to let to members though there is usually a waiting list.

Although the focus of the Club is more towards sailing than motor boating, we have a number of active motor boat owning members and of course the social and training activities will appeal to all those interested in boating of any kind. The Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club, committed to providing facilities for, and promoting participation of, the whole community in the sport of yachting and other waterborne activities.

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