House Committee

The club is managed by an executive of three Flag Officers and the House Committee who meet monthly.


John Bramley
Nick Brown
Steve Nicholls
Simon Williams


The Commodore and the Treasurer are ex-officio members of all Sub-Committees.

Flag Officers have overview responsibility as follows:

  • Commodore  – Finance, Membership, Communications, Premises, Racing, Secretarial.
  • Vice Commodore  – Cruising, Ladies who Launch, Moorings, Regalia, Training.
  • Rear Commodore  – Bar, Galley, Social, Club Hire, Wednesday Workshops.

Patrick Ellicock* (Bar Manager).

Club Hiring
Mark Briggs (Club Manager

Chris Horn (Webmaster), Brian & Tricia Adams(Yearbook).

Phil Standley *(Cruising Secretary) , Phil Hennessy, Pat Farrell, John Foote, Malcolm Puttock, Martin Wilson, Andy Bartholomew, Rosalind Ashford, Andie Smith.

Peter Dallow* (Chair), Roger Edmonds (Payroll Manager), Derrick Painter (Accounts Manager) Richard Lewis (Independant Examiner).

Natalie (Nat) Nixon* (Chair), Jill Bray (Sunday lunches), Angela Ellicock (Stores & readiness checks), Sue Endsley (Sunday lunches), Mary Grave, Anne Hennessy, Rosemary Kendall, Jill Smart (Summer / Winter Food), Pauline Wakely (Events), Marilyn Whitney (Secretary).

Ladies who Launch
Caroline Hartley* (Chair), Gillian Timmins (Co-chair), Lesley Breckenfield, Jakki Foote, Sue Pink, Jan Smith, Veronica Walters, Anne Dean, Paula Evans, Pam Hilton, Pat Farrell.

Rachel Ellis* (Membership Database).

Graeme Clark.

Mike Nixon* (Chair), Jenny Adams, Martin Bradley, Manny Cockle, Alison Cox, Frank Cox, Patrick Ellicock, Roger Hygate, Brian Dobson, Barry Edgington, Peter Kendall, Geoff Pink, Geoff Wilson, Jim Wrigley.

Steve Nicholls* (Chair), Richard Chart (H), Tony Hardman (U Class, H), Andy Hayes (H), Mike Lithgow (E Class), Steve Przbylski (H Class), Bob Shearer (Bosun), Sue Treneer, Malcolm Wakely (Q Class, H), Ian Wilson (H).
(H) = Handicap Committee Member.

Mark Briggs (Club Manager).

Charles Hewitt*

Pat Bartholomew* (Chair), Patrick Ellicock, Bron Freake, Martine McPherson, Ellen Przybylska, Anne Ramsden, Terry Stephens, Roger Taylor, Gordon York, Tom Kumsang, Chris Fttock.

Niall Rath (Training Coordinator), Chris Davis, Peter Jones,* Richard Rickard, Chris Ruberry (Training Principal).

Wednesday Workshops
Malcolm Joyce * (Chair), Des Jones, Ros Joyce, Julian Wolfram, Paul Graham.

*Member of House Committee

Club Offices and Representatives

Auditor: Richard Lewis.
Blind at Sea: David Ekinsmyth.
PoFSA Officer: Sue Treneer.
Club Manager: Mark Briggs
Insurance: Geoff Wilson.
Moorings: Graeme Clark.
Regalia: Mark Briggs
Webmaster: Chris Horn
Yearbook Editor: Brian Adams.
Photoshop: Phil Hennessy.
Race Entries Steve Nicholls.
Raceteam Volunteers: Jeanette Ruberry.
Race Officers: Bernie Bagley, John Bramley, John Cruise, Chris Davis, Clive Hoyle, Andrew Nancarrow, Steve Nicholls, Jeanette Ruberry, Bob Shearer, Gerard Smart, Owen Taylor.
Bosun: Bernie Bagley.