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Classes of membership and fees.

The classes of membership and the annual subscriptions for the year 2024 are as follows: –

If you live in Cornwall.

Single membership £143*                      Family membership £213*

Outport membership is optional for those whose permanent address is outside Cornwall.

Outport Single membership £114*       Outport Family membership £173*

A Joining Fee of £80.00 is also payable.

Family membership is open to each of the members of a family grouping of one or two adults, together with any number of children within their guardianship under the age of 18 on 1st January.

Cadet membership is open to any individual under 18 on 1st January not included in a family membership. 18-24 membership is open to any individual between the ages of 18 and 25 years.

 Cadet membership £19                         18-24 membership £28

There is no joining fee for cadet or 18-24 membership.

Mylor Yacht Club is registered under the Community Amateur Sports Club Scheme No CASC 04110 and is a company limited by guarantee. As such every member of the Club has a personal liability of one pound.



Pro-rata subscriptions are paid at the time of joining and annually thereafter by direct debit or on-line on the 1st January.

When your membership is accepted, the membership secretary will invoice you for the joining fee and the first year’s pro-rated subscription which you will then be able to pay on-line by card or by bank transfer.

Payment of recurring annual fees should be made by setting up an on-line recurring payment or by Direct Debit, click here to access a printable Direct Debit Form.

To apply on-line please use the form below. Alternatively if you would prefer to apply by post, click here to access a printable application form.

To apply for membership fill in the form below and click the "Apply for membership" button.

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