We are very keen to encourage all members to have a go at yacht racing at Mylor Yacht Club, either helming your own boat, or crewing on someone else’s boat. Racing will start on Saturday 20 April with a series of two short races at about 1030 in the morning over the first 3 weeks of the season. We hope to encourage both existing racers, cruisers and anyone else interested to get  involved. In May, we will revert to the previous approach – Friday evening class racing from about 1815 and Sunday morning pursuit racing from about 1045.

MYC Club Racing is organised into four classes – Echo (Fast Handicap); Whisky (Medium Handicap); Quebec (Slow Handicap); and Hotel (Shrimpers and Gaffers). Sometimes, depending on the numbers competing from each class, these classes can be combined.

To get more information about racing, make sure you ask to go on the racing email list and you will receive regular bulletins about forthcoming races. If you have never raced before; would like to crew; or would like some extra help to improve your skills, please get in touch – one of the Racing Committee will be pleased to help.

In order to start racing in 2024 all members will need to submit a new Race Entry Form and a YTC Handicap Form which can be accessed via the blue buttons alongside this note on the racing page of the website. If you held a YTC certificate in 2023 and you have not changed the rig of your boat or the sail measurements, it is simple to secure a new certificate by confirming there has been no change. Please ensure that you submit your entry form and Handicap form a few days before you wish to start racing to allow time for processing your application and for the Race Officer to be aware of your sail number and YTC number. Racing information will be sent to you by email and WhatsApp.

Morning Pursuit Races will continue to use the land-based start line running from the obelisk below Penarrow Point, and the Mylor Yacht Harbour Yellow racing mark to the east. This works well, and avoids the need for a Committee Boat and a large race management team. It is hoped that both Saturday morning and Friday Evening Class Racing will continue to use a full race management team including a Committee Boat which will normally be anchored broadly between the MYH entrance and St Just. This will depend on the goodwill of members to offer their boats as Committee Boats (which are covered by our Club insurance for this purpose.

Racing can only take place when we have a Race Management Team in place to organise the racing. The Racing Roster (also alongside) enables you to volunteer for various duties including Race Officer, Assistant Race Officer, Spotter, and volunteering your vessel as a Committee Boat. There is also a Trainee spot for anyone who would like to observe the Race Management Team in action for those with no experience of racing.

The Mylor RIB that acts as a support boat for the racing will normally be coxed by our Bosun, Bernie Bagley, but he will be happy to stand aside if other members with a Powerboat 2 qualification wish to take a turn. Bernie will also be happy to provide some training for those volunteering for the RIB Crew position. Ashore, there are also opportunities to help with the calculation of the results after the racing. Training can be provided for each of these roles.

Whilst we take racing seriously, we also aim to make it fun. We have learned that as much pleasure can be gleaned from a tussle at the back of the fleet, as from winning. We hope to see you on the water later this year.

Steve Przybylski Racing Secretary,

March 2024

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