Mylor Yacht Club encourages everyone to have a go at yacht racing whether it’s in your own yacht, crewing or helping on the Committee Boat. You can also man the Safety RIB and we will help with the training for that.

If you have never raced before or feel like some extra help to improve your skills, one of the Racing Committee will be only too pleased to help you. No matter what sort of Yacht you have, if you fill in our Entry and YTC Handicap form we can work out a handicap number for you. This does take a little time so please send in your entry form and Handicap form well before you wish to race. Then the more you race the more information on your yacht’s performance we get, this helps us refine your handicap number, which in turn makes racing fairer for everyone.

Once again, this year all racing has needed to adhere to prevailing Government restrictions in order to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our experience last year has demonstrated that we are well able to organise competitive racing whilst remaining within Social Distancing guidelines both for competitors, and the Race Management Team. We  started the season with a series of Sunday and Friday Pursuit Races during May and June which involve a timed start, staggered according to the YTC handicap of the boat. Experience has shown that races can be run very effectively using the shore-based transit from between the obelisk below Penarrow Point and the Pw Racing mark as a start line.

Whilst racing depends on volunteers to man our Race Management Team, whilst COVID-19 restrictions apply, we will be operating with a reduced Team. All Racing Members are asked to volunteer for at least one duty over the season by Entering their details on a convenient date in the Racing Roster.  During May and June we have operated a reduced Race Management Team of Race Officer; Spotter; RIB Cox (for which a PB2 qualification required) and RIB Crew. From Friday 9 July, we we will be restoring Class Racing and will be looking for more volunteers to get involved, particularly by providing their yachts as Committee Boats, plus two further additional posts of Assistant Race Officer and Trainee. We are aiming to organise local training courses both in Race Management and RIB handling once conditions permit.

Whilst we take racing seriously, we also aim to make it fun. We have learned that as much pleasure can be gleaned from a tussle at the back of the fleet, as from winning. We hope to see you on the water later this year.

Steve Przybylski Racing Secretary,

June 2021

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