Welcome to Cruising

Welcome to the Mylor Yacht Club Cruising Section!

Here in the MYC we aim to provide a friendly and congenial cruising environment offering what the members want. There’s no ‘hard sell’ and anyone wishing to cruise with the Club is made very welcome indeed with members free to ‘dip in’ and ‘dip out’ of cruises as they wish. Each year, a programme of cruises is published early on and these vary from a short sail to a local eatery, or a weekend away, to longer trips further afield – the Isles of Scilly, Brittany and the Channel Islands have all been visited by MYC cruises and rallies in recent years, as have popular events such as Plymouth Fireworks and Fowey Week. Plans for this year can be found through the ‘Cruises’ link (below). There will also be a short day sail every week (Weekly Picnic).A Friday evening cruising e-mail will be sent advising on late changes to planned events.

If you’re new to cruising with MYC and fancy joining in, please make yourself known to an event organiser or the Cruising Sec. and if you wish, we’ll see if we can provide you with a friendly member, a ‘Cruising Buddy,’ to help ease you into things. Alternatively, keep an eye open for the MYC burgee and just pop over to say hello.

Just a note on process; if you’d like to join in the cruising activities, please be sure to read the Club’s Cruising Policy and complete the Entry Form, both via the links below. We’re looking forward to having you aboard!

Cruising Buddies

So what can a Cruising Buddy offer?  Some people can find attending an event where the majority of people already seem to know everyone else, a little daunting.  If you’re new to cruising with MYC and would like more information as to what goes on at a particular event afloat, what the destination and mooring arrangements are like or similar, then please get in touch with the cruise organiser.  You may feel that you’d like to arrive at an event and have someone you know there as a first point of contact to welcome you, introduce you around and generally help you get into the social swing of things by introducing you to other members at the pre-dinner drinks, pontoon party, dinner or similar, and generally make sure that you’re ‘welcomed aboard’ and get to know the group as quickly and as easily as possible.  You won’t be ‘over nannied’, but you may just prefer a helping hand to find your feet in what may be a new group to you.  If you would like to ask for a Cruising Buddy, please make this known to the organisers in good time.  The organisers may offer their own services or ask another participant to get in touch with you and introduce themselves as your Cruising Buddy for the event.  Mylor is a really friendly club and we wouldn’t want to leave anybody feeling as though they’re on the side-lines and maybe, it won’t be long before we hope you’ll be offering your own services as a Cruising Buddy!