Mylor Yacht Club Moorings

The Club has 30 swinging moorings within Mylor Yacht Harbour that are run as a non-profit making facility for members. The moorings are laid and available for use (dependant on weather conditions) between 1 April and 30 September annually but to comply with the terms of our lease of the fundus members need to vacate their mooring no later than 30 September to enable the mooring to be lifted.

Whilst we endeavour to be competitive in our charges – and the rate for 2023 was £21.12 per foot with a minimum charge based on a nominal 26 foot LOA – costs for 2024 will be determined in December once we know the maintenance costs from our subcontractor. We have moorings that can accommodate boats of various sizes and have a few moorings configured to take boats up to 36 foot (10.97 metres) with a maximum draft of 1.6 metre. Moorings come with a fitted mooring chain; whilst members may have their own mooring strop fitted this may only be done by our mooring contractor. Use of a member’s mooring strop is entirely at the owner’s risk. Once allocated, moorings can be retained by members for as long as they wish and can be sublet through the Club for up to 2 years if a member finds that they cannot make use of the mooring for a significant period. Whilst we endeavour to allocate members the same mooring every year, we do retain the right to reallocate boats around the fundus to make the most efficient use of the fixed configurations of our moorings. The terms and conditions of use of the moorings can be found on the Club website.

Allocation of vacant moorings is on a first come first served basis but accepting a sublet does give some priority. There is always a waiting list for club moorings and it is difficult to predict how long the waiting period may be since it does depends on others giving up their moorings. We do however compare favourably with Fowey where the waiting period is reputedly 30 years! If you are interested in a Club mooring, please do contact the Mooring Officer for either more information or to be added to the waiting list.

The moorings are located on the outer edge of the Mylor Harbour moorings as shown on the image.

To apply for a mooring please contact the Moorings Officer.