Mylor Yacht Club Moorings

Th club offers a number of moorings which can be leased by members. These are only available from April to September as the moorings are lifted over the winter.

The current rental is £17.95 per foot plus a surcharge of £40 if you want to fit your own strop. By default the mooring comes with a chain loop.

The moorings are located on the outer edge of the Mylor Harbour moorings as shown on the image.


Q. How much does it cost?
A. 2020 rate is £17.95 per foot LOA (excluding bowsprits). There is a minimum charge based upon 26ft even if your boat is smaller. Invoices must be paid in full by the end of January. There is a £40 supplement if you want your own strop fitted. Your vessel must be insured whilst on the mooring.

Q. Where are the moorings located
A. They are the most north-easterly block of the swinging moorings to the north of MYH. Approximately level with Greatwood House. Lat Long N50.184125 W5.047792

Q. How deep is the water around the moorings
A. At exceptional low tides (eg in 2016 when the tide went to 0.1m below CD in April) the minimum depth is 1.6m on some moorings

Q. When can I use the mooring?
A. The moorings are laid as soon as possible, weather permitting, after April 1st, and once laid we email holders accordingly. They must be vacated by September 30th as they are lifted immediately on October 1st to permit oyster dredging to start. Boats not removed by October 1st will be moved at owners expense to MYH visitors moorings.

Q. Are the moorings inspected annually and/or daily?
A. The moorings are lifted each year and serviced professionally over winter, replacing chains and shackles etc as required. There is no daily inspection; we rely on fellow mooring holders keeping an eye on neighbours although most of the water taxi drivers from MYH keep an informal eye open if passing by, for any obvious signs of problems.

Q. What is fitted in the way of strops and pickup buoys?
A. The standard club supplied fit is a pickup buoy attached by line to a 4m length of 10mm chain with a loop at the buoy end suitable for a deck cleat etc. If you prefer to have a strop fitted then you must buy this and supply it to the mooring contractor. There is an additional annual charge of £40 for the additional work incurred by the mooring contractor for fitting removal cleaning and storage of rope strops. For insurance reasons you may not fit it yourself as all mooring equipment must only be maintained by a professional contractor. Please note the chain is not warranted rust free and if you are bothered about potential rust marks on your deck you should buy a strop.

Q. How do I get to the mooring, where do I park, can I store a dinghy?
A. MYC has a concessionary arrangement with MYH for reduced price seasonal passes for any combination of water taxi, parking and dinghy storage on the beach. This is administered separately through the club, and is not limited to mooring holders. Usually after the end of February it will be too late to obtain this concession and you would have to pay the full MYH price for those services. Check club website for details.

If you wish to row or motor out to your mooring then obviously you are free to do so.

Q. What is the difference between a sub-let and permanent mooring?
A. A permanent mooring is yours indefinitely until you give it up or buy a boat that is too big for it! Permanent mooring holders may “sub-let” the mooring (through the Club) for a maximum of two seasons after which they must either use it themselves of give it up. Thus if you are the “sub-tenant” on a sub-let mooring there is no guarantee that we will be able to offer a mooring the following year as well. HOWEVER all members who take a sub-let, that want a permanent mooring, are placed on the waiting list ahead of any member that has never taken a sub-let. In practice therefore the vast majority of permanent moorings go to those that have previously had a sub-let mooring.

Q. How long is the waiting list

A. Between instant and about 5 years! Some years lots of people give up their moorungs and we struggle to fill them and others we build a big waiting list. Email the moorings officer for up to date information.

Q. Can I take a mooring ‘mid-season’ if one is available?

A. Normally all moorings are allocated at the start of the season but occasionally we have spares and sometimes a mooring holder sells a boat or can’t use their mooring for some other reason. In the latter case we will let the remaining time “pro-rata” as the original tenant will have paid in full and whatever you pay will go to him or her to offset their costs. If however it is an unlet mooring then we will charge the full seasonal rate, irrespective of time remaining, as the Club has to pay the same amount for lifting, servicing, laying and seabed rental whether the mooring is used or not.

Q. Do the moorings make a profit?

A. No! We aim to keep a slight surplus to cover unforecast expenses and additional costs but in essence the moorings are ‘self financing’ – what comes in from mooring holders is all spent on mooring maintenance and rental. The moorings do not subsidise any other part of the club activities.

Q. What other details do you need and is there anything else I need to do?A. The first time you take a mooring we ask you to sign the Lease Agreement which is non-expiring, so a one-off exercise. This sets out the formal terms and conditions of taking a mooring. Then every year we ask you to update your details for contact information, boat details and insurance details. This is now done online and we will send you a link for that purpose, shortly after the final mooring position allocations are made in late December or early January. We need to know name, address, email address, phone contact number, vessel LOA, draught and displacement, insurance company, policy number and expiry date. These details can also be updated by you at any time during the year should anything change.

To apply for a mooring please contact the Moorings Officer.