Membership & Fees

Welcome to Mylor Yacht Club

The Club welcomes applications for membership from people with interests in any form of boating activity, whether sail or power. You don’t have to own a boat. If your motivation for joining includes seeking crewing opportunities – cruising or racing – add your name to our Crew Lists.

Candidates for membership should apply to the Membership Secretary on the Club Application Form.

The Club gains additional benefit from your subscription if you pay by Direct Debit. A Direct Debit Mandate is included with the form.

The Club publishes an annual Yearbook, giving Membership details and other information of interest to Members including a review of the previous year’s events.

After you've joined

Members are invited to sign-up for regular emails concerning their particular sailing interests: – Cruising, Racing, Social, Training and Ladies Who Launch.
The emails are an ideal way of staying in touch with Club events, especially those that require booking in advance.
The number of emails is kept to a minimum to avoid flooding your inbox. However it sometimes happens that these emails get classified as spam so check your Spam Folder occaisionally and create filters that ensure these messages end up in your Inbox.

Membership cards, are not generally issued, but are available on request from the Membership Secretary.


Fees: 2021 (Senior)
Full Single Membership £126.00 (£83)
Family Membership: £188.00 (£129)
Single Outport Membership: £100.00 (£68)
Family Outport Membership: £153.00 (£104)
Cadet Membership: (Under 18 on 1st January) £17.50
18-24 Membership: £25.00
Plus a Joining Fee of: £75.00

Family membership is open to each of the members of a family grouping of one or two adults, together with any number of children within their guardianship under the age of 18 on 1st January

Outport membership is available to people living outside Cornwall.

Senior Membership (Over 75 plus 10 years prior membership): Two-thirds of Full/Outport fee as appropriate.

Cadet membership is available to those under 18 on 1st January not included in a family membership. 18-24 membership is available to those under 25 on 1st January. On and after their 25th birthday they will be charged the normal adult rates. Should their membership be continuous there will be no additional charges.

There is no joining fee for cadet or 18-24 membership.