MYC Trophies

Friday Evening Races

Race/PrizeSponsor & Class of yacht
Cornish Crabber TrophyShrimper class - A series
Hayes Parsons TrophyShrimper class - B series
Chipponds CupShrimper class - C series
Points CupPY yachts Q class A series
The H.A.Bennett CupPY yachts U class A series
The Swivel TrophyPY yachts E class A series
Admiralty BlockGaffer class
Trustees Cup (2006)PY yachts Q class B series
The Commodore's CupPY yachts U class B series
The Wakefield TrophyPY yachts E class B series
Mora ha Kescana TrophyPY yachts Q class C series
The Devil Sail AwardPY yachts U class C series
The Trafalgar TrophyPY yachts E class C series

Offshore Races

Race/PrizeSponsor & Class of yacht
Fowey Buoy SalverSKB Fowey Race PY division 1 U class
Hartley TrophySKB Fowey Race PY division 2 Q class
Newlyn Pursuit TrophyNewlyn Pursuit Race
The Shamrock BlockSKB Helford Race

Other Races

Race/PrizeSponsor & Class of yacht
Bay Race TrophyBay Race
Bennett CupPursuit series
The Colin Bennett Memorial TrophySKB Five Creeks Race
Laying Up TankardLaying Up Race PY yachts
The Bonnie R TrophySKB Ladies' Race PY yachts
The Ladies Gaffer TrophySKB Ladies' Race Gaffers (no trophy at present)
Silver OysterLarge Working Boats
Silver OysterSmall Working Boats
Shackle TrophyFor continued racing support
Tuning Fork TrophyTuning Fork Regatta
The Stannard TrophyPursuit series
Mary Rose FlagonShrimper Open Event
The John G Clark Mamorial TrophyJunior Helm

Regatta Cups

Race/PrizeSponsor & Class of yacht
Ord-Statter CupLarge Working boats
Ord-Statter CupSmall Working boats
Corke CupLarge wooden W/boats
Penarrow PintSunbeams

Cup Races

Race/PrizeSponsor & Class of yacht
Mike Sharp CupWorking boats
Bart Moore CupWorking boats
The Open Race CupPY yachts E class
Cruiser/Blewett CupPY yachts U class
Q Class CupPY yachts Q class
Gaffers Cup (1980)Gaffers
Tosher CupShrimpers
Palarm ShieldShrimpers

Cruising Cups

Race/PrizeSponsor & Class of yacht
Lands End CupFor westerly cruising
24 Hour CupFor easterly cruising
The Benson-Moore TrophyFor 'best' (most interesting or humorous) log

Non-Sailing Awards

Race/PrizeSponsor & Class of yacht
The Old Salt's TrophyFor service to the Club
The John Hodgson TrophyConcourse D'Elegance
The Wellman CupFor newcomers to racing
The Dinghy RollockAt the Commodore_s discretion
The Coupling TrophyFor a Faux Pas

Trophies Currently Unused

Race/PrizeSponsor & Class of yacht
Alliance & Leicester Cup 1Formerly Scratch Working Boats
Alliance & Leicester Cup 2Formerly H/cap Working Boats
The Stewart Langford CupFormerly GRP Scratch Working Boats
The Dartmouth TrophyFormerly IOR Dartmouth Race
The Fowey Wellies TrophyAwarded at the committees discretion
The Beefeater TrophyIntended for cruising but not used
Blakes Marine Paints TrophyIntended for MYC Open Day
Mylor Chandlery TrophyFormerly E class Friday evening B series