Trophies – Ord-Statter Cup

Small Working Boats (Class C)

Mrs Ord-Statter presented this cup in memory of her husband, Col. Ord-Statter.  He was a great benefactor to the village and died in 1975

This cup to be presented to the first small working boat in the club regatta during Falmouth week.  It is officially called the

Col. W.E.G. Ord-StatterMemorial Cup for Small Working Boats

Presented by Mrs Ord-Statter

Year: 1975

Approx. height 260mm inc. base

Awarded to:

1975SericaP. Williams
1977KatrinaT. Bailey
1978LeilaM. Parsons
1979DollyB. Prynne
1980DollyB. Prynne
1981LeilaM. Parsons
1982Iris ElizabethN. Bowers
1983JuanitaD. Burnett
1984LeilaM. Parsons
1985not presented
1986Sadie DaltonM. Heard
1987Sadie DaltonM. Heard
1988SapphireS. Smith
1989MagdalenaA. Treneer
1990MagdalenaA. Treneer
1991KrystalB. Howell
1992KrystalB. Howell
1993ZilphaS. Warmington
1994MelorisM. Heard
1995KrystalB. Trevartha
1996DeliveranceM. Stratton
1997MagdalenaA. Treneer
1998race abandoned (fog).
1999ZilphaS. Berryman
2000LeilaM. Parsons
2001LeilaM. Parsons
2002KrystalB. Trevartha
2003ZilphaS. Berryman
2004ZilphaS. Berryman
2005LottieP. Ferris
2006KrystalB. Trevartha
2007DollyBarry Prynn
2008no race
2009LottieP. Ferris
2010ZilphaS. Berryman
2011ZilphaS. Berryman
2012ZilphaS. Berryman
2013LeilaA. Bird
2015No race
2016No race
2017No race
2020No race (Covid)
2021No finishers
2022LottieP Slater
2023LottieP Slater

Other information:

In  1975 with the introduction of fibreglass boats, the class was split in two by size.

Class B (large boats) retained the original Ord-Statter cup. Class C (small boats) were presented with a second Ord-Statter cup (shown above), by Mrs Ord-Statter in memory of her husband.