Trophies – Mylor Chandlery Trophy

Presented by Ron and Jenny Dean of Mylor Chandlery, originally as a prize for the Cork Race. The first race was to Cork, then in alternate years it was awarded for races to Cork and the Channel Islands.

In 1994 these races were no longer run and races to Plymouth took their place, for which the cup was used.

The cup has Plymouth engraved on it at the top in a different script, but this was not because it was the first race, it was just that there was room to engrave it there.

In 2009 it became a prize for B Series E Class races.

In 2019 W and E classes were combined and this trophy was “retired” to be replaced by the Colin Wakefield Trophy.


Year: 1985

Approx. height 240mm

Awarded to:

1985Cairenn IIF. McHenry
1987Cairenn IIF. McHenry
1988Icebird of MylorP & S Nicholas
1989IphigenaJ. Blewett
1991Canopus M. Spencer
1992No race
1993No race
1994No race
1995BrainwaveG. Dover
1996BrainwaveG. Dover
1997No race
2009GazelleA. Nancarrow
2010Chardonnay GirlA. and M. Nancarrow
2011Lady MayVictoria Whitworth
2012StargazerLiam & Sue McGrath
2013AuraEuan Beattie
2014AuraEuan Beattie
2015AuraEuan Beattie
2016BrightworkJohn Kulpa
2017AuraEuan Beattie
2018The Cool KidsTim Rowley

Other information:

1985 and 1987 Channel Islands Race

1988 was for the Cork Race

1989 was for the Plymouth Race

1991 thought to be for Channel Islands

Any corrections or further information welcome