Trophies – Ellis Wharton Wines Bay Race Trophy

Ellis Wharton Wines, the regional ambassador of Champagne Louis Roederer, presented this silver champagne ice bucket in 2012. Not only do Louis Roederer produce exceptionally good champagne, they are also one of the last Grande Marque champagne houses that are still family owned, which conforms to Ellis Wharton’s company aim of supporting small and family-owned businesses, whose quality is paramount!

Louis Roederer like to push the boundaries in what they do, and Ellis Wharton’s support of the Bay Series seeks to encourage more crews to push their boundaries by going a little further offshore.

Ellis Wharton Wines are pleased to support an active club like MYC, and, hope to encourage more boats to do a few slightly longer distance races without eating into everybody’s entire weekend. So far it has been very well supported.

Awarded to:

2012RidunaMark & Rosey Briggs
2013General KhaosIan Jakeways
2014Mary BoonJohn Cruise
2015Noon HiJack Penty
2016AuraEuan Beattie
2017NightowlerMike Lithgow
2018The Cool KidsTim Rowley
2019PogolyreJackie Cutler
2020no race
2021no race
2022HotfootRoeland Vroon

Other information:

The first time that Ellis Wharton donated a prize for the MYC Bay Race was 2011.  On that occasion the winner was Bernie Bagley in Frenetic Caper and the prize was some bottles of liquid refreshment!


No races were scheduled for 2020 or 2021 hindered by covid and the Bay Race Series was not scheduled in 2023.