Trophies – The Dinghy Rollock

Awarded at the Commodore’s discretion for any activity which brings merit to the individual or the club, “pour encourager les autres!”

From 2009 it has been awarded at the discretion of the Commodore/Racing Committee to stalwart members of the race management team.

Year: 2006

Approx. height 150mm

Awarded to:

2006Sam Web
2007Margaret Kumsang
2008Tom Nancarrow
2009Colin & Jill Jones
2010Val & Barry Edgington
2011Mark & Rosie Briggs
2012Jeanette Ruberry
2013Chris Ruberry
2014Hilary Davis
2015Ian Wilson
2017Jane Grenfel
2018Bob Shearer
2019Phil Hennessy
2020not awarded
2021Ian Wilson
2022Bernie Bagley
2023Anna Cruise

Other information:

The rowlock was first used as a trophy  over 20 years ago, when it was used as a prize for the annual dinghy pub crawl. Depending on the tide, it may be possible to snatch a quick drink in The Lemon Arms, The Norway Inn, The Old Quay at Devoran and The Pandora Inn and return to the club without being aground.