Trophies – The Dinghy Rollock

Awarded at the Commodore’s discretion for any activity which brings merit to the individual or the club, “pour encourager les autres!”

Year: 2006

Approx. height 150mm

Awarded to:

2006Sam Web
2007Margaret Kumsang
2008Tom Nancarrow
2009Colin & Jill Jones
2010Val & Barry Edgington
2011Mark & Rosie Briggs
2012Jeanette Ruberry
2013Chris Ruberry
2014Hilary Davis
2015Ian Wilson
2017Jane Grenfel
2018Bob Shearer
2019Phil Hennessy

Other information:

The rowlock was first used as a trophy  over 20 years ago, when it was used as a prize for the annual dinghy pub crawl. Depending on the tide, it may be possible to snatch a quick drink in The Lemon Arms, The Norway Inn, The Old Quay at Devoran and The Pandora Inn and return to the club without being aground.