Trophies – Bennett Cup

Given by former Commodore Don Bennett for the winning local boat to finish the biennial Cork Race.

The first race was just to Cork, then on even years it was used for the Cork Week feeder race.

Later, it was redesignated for the Skinner’s Brewery First Pursuit Series

Year: 1983

Approx. height 225mm

Awarded to:

1983ShenaniganC. Mulcahy
1984Maid of UnstP & S Nicholas
1986Ros-AnnR. Bassett
1988Shenanigan IID. Reynolds &
C. Mulcahy
1990IphigeniaJ. Blewett
1992ShenaniganC. Mulcahy
1996BeefeaterP. Harrow

Other information:

For over a decade, the biennial Cork Race was an important occasion in the life of MYC.

About 20 boats used to come down from up-country to compete. The start was off Black Rock and the finish was self-timed at the entrance to Cork Harbour. In 2005 it was awarded to the winner of Skinners Brewery Pursuit Series and in 2014 the Stannard Trophy became the first prize for the 2nd Pursuit Series (Page 19).

Redesignated for Pursuit Series

2005FreyjaJ. Baker
2006Mary BoonJ. Cruise
2007DhokosH. Stannard
2008Mary BoonJ. Cruise
2009Mary BoonJ. Cruise
2010NirvanaM. Biglin
2011LimeliteE. Battie
2012Mary BoonJ. Cruise
2013RusalkaA. Street
2014Mary BoonJohn Cruise
2015Aura Euan Beattie
2016Lez Beez NeezAlan Street
2017The Cool KidsTim Rowley
2018Lez Beez NeezAlan Street
2019Mary BoonJohn Cruise
2020HotfootRoland Vroom
2021HotfootRoland Vroom
2022Mary BoonJohn Cruise
2023HotfootRoeland Vroon