Trophies – Cornish Shrimper Trophy

Presented by Peter Keeling, of Cornish Crabbers Ltd, who manufacture Cornish Shrimpers, for use as a prize in Shrimper racing. Peter was a founder/director of Cornish Crabbers Ltd and participated in many Shrimper events. Sadly, he died of cancer in 1994.

Presented to the club in 1986

Approx. height 200mm

Awarded to:

1986MyricaP. Crook
1987SallyD. Wakeling
1988SerenaD. Whitehead
1989GrebeJ. Junguis
1990MyricaP. Crook
1991MyricaP. Crook
1992Rachel-JaneM. Pollard
1993MyricaP. Crook
1994BlackjackA. Geddes-Brown
1995BlackjackA. Geddes-Brown
1996NarcissusD. Cox
1997Grace of St JustJ. Benge
1998Rachel-JaneM. Pollard
1999NarcissusD. Cox
2000ForelleD. Bell
2001NarcissusD. Cox
2002NarcissusD. Cox
2003BlackjackA. Geddes-Brown
2004Grace of St JustJ. Benge
2005Grace of St JustJ. Benge
2006Grace of St JustJ. Benge
2007HenriettaJ. Wolfram
2008Grace of St JustJ. Benge
2009Grace of St JustJ. Benge
2010HenriettaJulian Wolfram
2011Grace of St JustJ. Benge
2012Grace of St JustJ. Benge
2013Grace of St JustJ. Benge
2014PelicanRichard Lewis
2015HenrietteM. Wilson
2016JenessaM. Lewis
2017Zoe J. Wolfram
2018Sterren VorM. Pinchin
2019Dawn of PolruanS. Przybylski
2021YsellaBrian Phipps
2022Dawn of PolruanS. Przybylski
2023Dawn of PolruanS. Przybylski

Other information:
Because the trophy is dedicated to be presented to a Shrimper, it may only be won by the top Shrimper in the A or B series, even if that boat did not win the series outright.