Trophies – Benson-Moore Memorial Trophy

The trophy was bought with members’ donations in memory of Dennis Benson and David Moore.  It is awarded for the best and most humorous season’s log submitted.

Year: 1979

Approx. height 225mm

Awarded to:

1980Ken Stead
1981Sarah Nicholas
1982Ian Bassett & Ken Stead
1983Ian French
1984Lindsay Davies
1985John & Rosemary Spooner
1986Ken Stead
1987Jane & John Martin
1988Beryl Hepburn
1989Harry Aitken
1990Jane Martin
1991S & R Paterson
1992Lesley & Eric Wilkes
1993S & R Paterson
1994Brian & Sue Rosevear
1995Sue Parker
1996MYC Flag Officers
1997Not Awarded
1998Anne Wills
1999Roger & Cheeky Browne
2000David & Jan Smith
2001Peter & Rosemary Kendall
2002Nick & Jenny Brown
2003John & Denise Carty
2004Phil & Sheila Standley
2005Brian & Gillian Timmins
2006Nick & Jenny Brown
2007Bob & Caro Shearer
2008Brian & Gillian Timmins
2009Peter Azancot
2010Jeff & Jackie Baker
2011Paul Braddock
2012Sheila Standley
2013J. & R. Baldock
2014J & J Baker
2015 - 2021not awarded
2022Simon & Lynn Fleming

Other information:

Dennis Benson and David Moore were keen cruising members who tragically were lost while cruising to Ireland with the Fastnet fleet in 1979.  The trophy is awarded for the log of a cruise or race that is considered to be the most humorous, factual, entertaining or interesting.

In recent years the task of judging the entries has fallen to the Vice-Commodore, on the grounds that if any committee were to be given the task they would inevitably disagree!

In 1996, it seems that the cup was awarded to the Flag Officers for a reason yet to be recalled.  The year engraved on the cup (and adjacent list) records the previous sailing season.