Trophies – Q Class Cup

Formerly the Cup for yachts racing to Dartmouth under POFSA class and rules.

Now, as the name implies, for the winner of Q class yachts on Cup Race Day.


Awarded to:

1979ShebeenC. Mulcahy
1980Cairenn IIF. A. McHenry
1981Cairenn IIF. A. McHenry
1983White DartDeighton/Goddard
1984Cairenn IIF. A. McHenry
1985Cairenn IIF. A. McHenry
1986Cairenn IIF. A. McHenry
1987IphigeniaJ. Blewett
1988Cairenn IIF. A. McHenry
1989Summer WineJ. Bullen
1990Summer WineJ. Bullen
1991CanopusM. Spencer
1992IphigeniaJ. Blewett
1993La Bella SirenaJ. Blewett
2000Wren VBlind at Sea
2001PochardG. Hunt
2002PochardG. Hunt
2003Gray SealBrian & Jeanette
2005Lady in RedG. Walters
2006DhokosH. Stannard
2007KhamsinM. Williams
2008ChalonnaiseS. Pendray
2009PallisanderL. Eathorne
2010ScoterM. Selwood
2011RococoC. Hoyle
2012RattlerA. Ramsden
2013ChalonnaiseS. Pendray
2014RococoC. Hoyle
2015RococoC. Hoyle
2016RococoC. Hoyle
2017RococoC. Hoyle
2018ChalonnaiseS. Pendray
2019PapooseD.J. Reid
2022Frenetic CaperB Bagley
2023RococoC Hoyle

Other information:

Not to be confused with the identical cup for the then Dartmouth Race for those racing under International Offshore Rules and class.