Trophies – Swivel Trophy

A mounted brass swivel.

Originally for Class E the faster handicap yacht class.

In 2003 and 2004 a fleet of Dragons was supported and the Swivel was presented to the winner of that class.

In 2009 with greater numbers of faster yachts participating in Friday evening racing it reverted to E Class for the A Series.


Awarded to:

1987Bumble BeeD. Farmer
1988WarpathN. Wills
1989Summer WineJ. Bullen
1990Summer WineJ. Bullen
1991Summer WineJ. Bullen
1992Super NovaJ. & D. Hart
1993WarpathN. J. Wills
1994Super NovaJ. & D. Hart
1995MurdrosA. Cole
1996Red PepperJ. Bullen
1997RigaudonS. Nicholls
1998RigaudonS. Nicholls
1999JinjyS. Filmer
2000Fenris WolfC. Hoyle
2001Fenris WolfC. Hoyle
2002Fenris WolfC. Hoyle
2003Fenris WolfC. Hoyle
2004RainbowM. Couldry
2009Chardonnay GirlA. Nancarrow
2010FreyjaJ. Baker
2011RhapsodyD. Jones
2012AuraE Beattie
2013AuraE Beattie
2014AuraE Beattie
2015AuraE. Beattie
2016BrightworkJ. Kulpa
2017AuraE. Beattie
2018NightowlerM. Lithgow
2019LightningP. Dallow

Other information:
Bought by the club to encourage faster cruisers to take part in the evening races at the time.

In 2020 racing was curtailed by covid and when the race programme partially recovered in 2021 with only two series of Friday evening races, the A series trophies were set aside in favour of those for the former B and C series.