Trophies – Hayes Parsons Trophy

Presented to MYC by Michael Wilson on behalf of Hayes Parsons Marine Insurance Brokers in 2014.  Hayes Parsons were the Club’s insurance brokers and George Hayes is a club member.  Fittingly, Michael won the new trophy in that year.


2014HenrettaM. Wilson
2015HenrettaM. Wilson
2016YsellaB. Phipps
2017Steren VorM. Pinchin
2018Steren VorM. Pinchin
2019Steren VorM. Pinchin
2020not awarded
2021not awarded
2022YsellaB Phipps
2023YsellaB Phipps

Other information:

From 2014 to 2019 the trophy was allocated to H class (Shrimpers and Gaffers) for the B Series of Friday evening races. In 2020 and 2021 racing was curtailed by the covid pandemic and there was only one series of Friday evening pursuits.  From 2022 racing with class starts resumed with two series of Friday evening races, this trophy being allocated to “Friday 1” for H Class.