Trophies – The Wellman Cup

Generously presented by Sheila Wellman.  This silver cup was part of her family history, having been won for motor racing in a previous generation.

Now awarded for outstanding achievement by a race competitor.

Year: 2007

Approx. height 280mm

Awarded to:

2007Tom Davis
2008Owen Taylor
2009Not presented
2010Chris Bye
2011Tony HardmanWizard of Clee
2012John Kulpa & Ross Durkin4-Play
2013Michael WilsonHenrietta
2014Tim Rowley
2015Mike ReganTalitha
2016Steve Przybylski
2017S & J Fairbairn
2018Jon Myers
2019Max Angood

Other information:

Following the curtailment of racing in 2020 due to covid this cup has not yet been reintroduced.