Trophies – Tuning Fork Trophy

Presented by Chris Bye to be awarded to the winner of a stand-alone three-race series at the start of the season. The tuning fork was a concept borrowed from the Royal Harwich Yacht Club.

The one or two day series of short sharp races enables crews and boats to ‘tune-up’ and practice their techniques ready for the season without jeopardising the early part of the main series

Year: 2012

Awarded to:

2012Xanadu IV       Chris Bye & Sandra Wakefield
2013No race. Too windy
2014ChalonnaiseSteve Pendray
2015ChalonnaiseSteve Pendray
2016NightowlerMike Lithgow
2017Wizard of CleeTony Hardman
2018No Races
2019No Races

Other information:

The trophy is a tuning fork mounted in a boat-shaped block. It was made by Bob Keast of Ponsanooth from a piece of Elm salvaged from Falmouth docks.