Trophies – Tuning Fork Trophy

Presented by Chris Bye to be awarded to the winner of a stand-alone three-race series at the start of the season. The tuning fork was a concept borrowed from the Royal Harwich Yacht Club.

The one or two day series of short sharp races enables crews and boats to ‘tune-up’ and practice their techniques ready for the season without jeopardising the early part of the main series

Year: 2012

Awarded to:

2012Xanadu IV       Chris Bye & Sandra Wakefield
2013No race. Too windy
2014ChalonnaiseSteve Pendray
2015ChalonnaiseSteve Pendray
2016NightowlerMike Lithgow
2017Wizard of CleeTony Hardman
2018No Races
2019No Races
2020No Races
2021No Races
2022PanhagettyTom Green
2023Dawn of PolruanSteve Przybylski

Other information:

The trophy is a tuning fork mounted in a boat-shaped block. It was made by Bob Keast of Ponsanooth from a piece of Elm salvaged from Falmouth docks.

Following the covid pandemic that much curtailed racing in 2020 and 2021, in 2022 this trophy weas reallocated to H class (Shrimpers and Gaffers) for the first Sunday Pursuit Series.  This series usually runs from mid-April to mid-May thus preserving the original concept.