Trophies – Cup Race Cruiser Cup

(Known as the Cruiser or Blewett Cup)

Cup Race prize for

#U Class H’cap div 2 yachts

In 2019 W class (previously U class) amalgamated with E Classes and the Open Race Cup took over.  The Blewett Cup has since been “retired”.

Presented by John & Angela Blewett

Year: 1983

Approx. height 150mm



Awarded to:

1983TuataraJ. Richards
1984SyringaJ. Harris
1985TeccaD. Bird
1987CaenswoodJ. Beale
1988WarpathN. Wills
1992SupernovaD. & J. Hart
1993WarpathN. Wills
1994SupernovaD. & J. Hart
1995RigaudonS. R. Nicholls
1996Red PepperJ. Bullen
1997RigaudonS. R. Nicholls
1998RigaudonS. R. Nicholls
1999JinjyS. Filmer
2000Fenris WolfC. D. Hoyle
2001Fenris WolfC. D. Hoyle
2002Fenris WolfC. D. Hoyle
2005Fenris WolfC. D. Hoyle
2006Fenris WolfC. D. Hoyle
2007Frenetic CaperB. Bagley
2008Mary BoonJ. Cruise
2009NibblerO. Taylor
2010KhamsinA. Street
2011XanaduC. Bye
2012Mary BoonJ. Cruise
2013SplinterP. Jones
2014Mary BoonJ. Cruise
2015Wizard of CleeT. Hardman
2016Wizard of CleeT. Hardman
2017Mary BoonJ. Cruise
2018Wizard of CleeT. Hardman

Other information:

‘Cruiser’ class was the name given to most yachts so as to encourage MYC members to race.  Latterly presented

to U Class PY yachts.