Trophies – The Open Race Cup

Presented by past Commodore and his wife

Mr & Mrs F. Trebilcock as a prize for Open Day Races. Known then as the Open Race Cup

Redesignated in 2009 for E Class PY yachts


Year: 1992


Approx. height 280mm

Awarded to:

1992SupernoveD & J Hart
1993Ltd ResourcesT.Stuthridge
1994Ltd ResourcesT.Stuthridge
1999Fenris WolfC.D.Hoyle
2001E'le mayI & L Horne
2002NimbleG.L. & A.Edwards
2003 - 2008not presented
2011LimelightE.Beattie & C.Wharton
2014AuraE Beattie
20154-PlayJohn Kulpa
2016BrightworkJohn Kulpa
2017Jab JabRichard Chart
2018The Cool KidsTim Rowley
2019Wizard of CleeTony Hardman
2020Wizard of CleeTony Hardman
2021Jab JabRichard Chart
2022Mary BoonJ Cruise
2023Mary BoonJ Cruise

Other information:

Inter-Club team racing on open day attracted a good number of entrants in the 1990’s, until MYC decided that the Open Day was no longer a great attraction.  The cup was then redesignated to cater for the growing number of  PY yacht racers in E Class.

In 2020with the race programme curtailed due to covid, it was awarded to the winner of the combined EWQ fleet for the Cup Races.

From 2021 it was awarded to the winner of E/W class for the Cup Races.