Trophies – The Mora ha Kescana Trophy

(Also known as the ‘Bard’s Trophy’)

Presented by Janet Eathorne for C Class, C Series club racing.  Janet is a Cornish Bard, and the trophy carries her bardish name which, translated, reads “The Lady who sings and sails”

Year: 2009

An Aluminium yacht

Approx height 200mm


Awarded to:

2009Little DevilRoger Browne
2010ScoterMike Selwood
2011RococoClive Hoyle
2012SuchongColin Sadler
2013RococoClive Hoyle
2014SouchongColin Sadler
2015TopsyTony O’Hanlon
2016OdysseyMalcolm Wakely
2017RococoClive Hoyle
2018ChalonnaiseStephen Pendray
2019Kay 2Max Angood
2020Green HelixNick Straw
2021Green HelixNick Straw
2022RococoClive Hoyle
2023RococoClive Hoyle

Other information:

Also known as the ‘Bard’s Trophy’


2009 – 2019 awarded for Q class in the C series.  2020 and 2021 awarded for Q class in the covid curtailed race programme.

From 2022 awarded for Q class in the second Friday Evening Series (Friday 2).