Trophies – H.A. Bennett Cup

Engraved ‘Cruiser Cup’ as the aim was to

encourage more cruisers to race.

Since 2006 the cup is used as a prize for

handicap yachts in U Class Series A.


Year: 1985


Approx. height: 170 mm

Awarded to:

1985D. BirdTecca
1986D. BirdTecca
1987G. DoverPersuasion
1988P. CollingTin Tin
1989P. CollingTin Tin
1990T. J. PageEureka
1991T. J. PageEureka
1992K. MenadueBliss
1993C. IngleCalypso
1994K. MenadueBliss
1995(no name)Ho Hum
1996B. BagleyTara
K. MenadueBliss
1997B. BagleyTara of Helford
1998R. KinnaRed Pepper
1999D. FryZeus
2000D. FryZeus
2001J. HellyerSudeshna
2002G. EdwardsNimble
2003G. EdwardsNimble
2004G. EdwardsNimble
2005J. CruiseMary Boon
2006A. NancarrowChardonnay Girl
2007J. CruiseMary Boon
2008J. BakerFreyja
2009E. Beattie4 Winds
2010A. StreetKhamsin
2011A. StreetKhamsin
2012J. CruiseMary Boon
2013J. CruiseMary Boon
2014J. CruiseMary Boon
2015T. HardmanWizard of Clee
2016J. CutlerGrowling Cougar
2017J. CruiseMary Boon
2018A StreetLez Beez Neez
2019J CruiseMary Boon

Other information:

Presented by former Commodore Don Bennett in memory of his father.

In 1985 it was for the evening series of four races for Yachts. From 1987 it was for the slower PY class.

At that time, ‘Cruisers’ was a term used to mean yachts, as opposed to gaffers or working boats.

Quoting from a letter from the then Commodore (Arfie Treneer) at the end of the 1987 season: “Due to the large turnout of cruisers and gaffers, we have split their class into sub-divisions”.


In 2020 racing was curtailed by covid and when the race programme partially recovered from 2021 with only two series of Friday evening races, the A series trophies were set aside in favour of those for the former B and C series.