Trophies – Points Cup

This cup is engraved:

MYC Scillies Race.  POFSA.

but since 2002 it has been a prize for

A Series Q Class racers in PY Division 3


Year: 1978


Approx. height 280mm

Awarded to:

1979SabrinaR. Roebuck
1980SheebeenC. Mulcahy
1981SorebonesT. Irving
1982TuataraJ. Richards
1983SorebonesT. Irving
1985Bumble BeeD. Farmer
1986Breeze of YorkshireR. Carpenter
1987Cairenn IIF. McHenry
1988CaenswoodJ. Beale
1990Summer WineJ. Bullen
1992ShenaniganC. Mulcahy
1994Sanda IsleT. Day
1998MymaxJ. Harris
2002PochardG. Hunt
2001Grey SealB Dobson
2003Grey SealB Dobson
2004EnigmaD Brookes
2005HavenS. Wilkes
2006HavenS. Wilkes
2007DhokosH. Stannard
2008KhamsinM. Williams
2009Little DevilR. Browne
2010SouchongC. Sadler
2011ScoterM. Selwood
2012ChalonnaiseS. Pendray
2013Souchong C. Sadler
2014MaraMartin Wilson
2015MaraM. Wilson
2016ChalonnaiseS. Pendray
2017RococoC. Hoyle
2018ChalonnaiseS. Pendray
2019ChalonnaiseS. Pendray

Other information:

In 2020 racing was curtailed by covid and when the race programme partially recovered from 2021 with only two series of Friday races, the A Series trophies were set aside in favour of those for the the B and C series.