Trophies – Newlyn Pursuit Trophy

Presented by Jeff & Jackie Baker.

Year: 2007

A beautifully engraved glass chartlet of the route from Black Rock to Newlyn, mounted in a matt finished mahogany semi-frame


Awarded to:

2007RaumatiJenny Leathes
2008FreyjaJeff & Jackie Baker
2009NarniaPhil & Sheila Standley
2010NirvanaMike Biglin
2011TomarayJon Myers
2012No race - adverse weather
2013Gazelle Andrew Nancarrow
2014FreyjaJeff & Jackie Baker
2015Race Cancelled
2016Race Cancelled
2017RhapsodyDes Jones
2018No Race
2019No Race

Other information:

Presented by the then Commodore Jeff Baker and Jackie for the annual pursuit race to Newlyn.

This pursuit race was first run in 2007 and at that time it was considered by the Sailing Committee to be a ‘one-off’.  However, it attracted a large entry and has been popular ever since.  Part of its attraction is that it coincides with the Newlyn Fish Festival.

Originally conceived as a pursuit race, the format of a corrected time race with self-timed starts and finishes was preferred.

From 2020to 2022 no passage races were run (covid) and the Newlyn Race has not been scheduled since.