Trophies – Shackle Trophy

Presented by Andrew Nancarrow & John Cruise

and first presented at the October prize-giving. It is designed to reward those who support the club’s racing throughout the season but who have missed out on the normal prizes.

Year: 2010

Approx. height 70 mm

Awarded to:

2010OtologicChris Horn
2011NirvanaMike Biglin
2012Wizard of CleeTony Hardman
2013KhamsinR. Chart
2014Tilly of MylorB. Edgington
2015YsellaB. Phipps
2016NightowlerM. Lithgow
2017NightowlerM. Lithgow
2018Growling KougarJ. Cutlar
2019PersephoneI. Carrick
2022HotfootR. Vroon
2023HotfootR. Vroon

Other information:

The original scoring for boats that had not won a 1st ,2nd or 3rd prize in any of the three Friday series or pursuit series of the current year was re-calculated using a DNC score equal to the total number of eligible boats + one.

The trophy was not awarded in 2020 when racing was restricted by covid and was reintroduced in 2021 for the third Sunday Pursuit Series.   From 2022 it was awarded to the winning yacht (EWQ classes) in the third Sunday Series with H class having separate trophies.

The shackle holds a significant place as a yacht racing prize, probably the first occasion being last century in Antigua, where the ‘Rusty Shackle Trophy’ is still competed for.