Trophies – Mary Rose Flagon

The Mary Rose Flagon was awarded for the first time in September 2020 to the overall winner of the Shrimper Open event. The words on the underside of the base are, “This flagon is a replica of a pewter flagon found in the wreck of the Mary Rose – a carrack-type warship of the English Tudor Navy of king Henry VIII. The flagon was kindly donated to MYC by a non-member, Mr Robin Dawson and brought into use as a racing trophy in 2020.” The original circular base is now mounted on an oak base where the winners’ plaques are fixed.

With the resurgence of the Shrimper Class at MYC, and towards the end of the pandemic blighted season, this fine flagon was allocated as the 1st overall perpetual trophy for the MYC Shrimper Open Championship.  From the start this championship has attracted a large and very competitive entry from local and visiting boats.

Awarded to:

2020SerinaRuth Taylor
2021TerragonMike & Petra Lyons
2022YsellaBrian Phipps
2023JackdawStuart Sly