Trophies – Silver Oyster Race


For Large (Licensed B Class) Working Boats

The Silver Oyster Trophies were cast from local shells by the then Commodore, Peter Grigg, on behalf of the club. These are raced for on 5 November each year by licensed Working Boats to commemorate the High Court victory of local Oystermen over Truro Corporation on November 5th 1902.

In 1978, members of the Sailing Committee proposed that we should hold a race for these boats. The first race was held on a Sunday under ideal conditions and with 21 entries. OOD was Brian Reynolds.

Year: 1978

Approx. height 50mm, plus plinth

Awarded to:

1978StellaR. Frost
1979EvleynK. Corke
1980AgnesP. Selman
1981AgnesP. Selman
1982Three SistersL. Angell
1993JubileeJ. Walls
1994IreneR. Northey
1995MabelP. Collett
1996Kindly LightK. Laity
1997HazelM. Powell
1998IreneR. Northey
2001MollyI. Shield
2002IreneR. Northey
2003MollyI. Shield
2007MollyI. Shield
2008Alf SmythersC. J. Ranger
2009ZonaC. Vinnicombe
2011Alf SmythersC. J. Ranger
2012MollyI. Shield
2013Alf SmythersC. J. Ranger
2014Holly AnneR. Clapham
2015Race Abandoned
2016MollyI. Shield
2017Holly Anne
2018Holly Anne
2019Alf SmythersC. J. Ranger
2020Alf SmythersCJ Ranger
2021Alf SmythersCJ Ranger
2022Alf SmythersC J Ranger
2023Alf SmythersCJ Ranger

Other information:

For further information, please see description of Silver Oyster prize for Small Working Boats

Inscription beneath plinth