Trophies – The Stannard Trophy

The Stannard Memorial Trophy was first awarded in 2014. The words on the underside of the trophy base (it’s a small silver plated plate) are, “This fine trophy was given to MYC in 2013 by Denise Stannard in memory of her husband Hu.”

Awarded from 2014 for the second pursuit series.  From 2022 awarded to the winning handicap yacht with H class having a separate trophy.

Awarded to:

2014Wizard of CleeT Hardman
2015Wizard of CleeT Hardman
2016The Cool KidsT Rowley
2017The Cool KidsT Rowley
2018Lez Beez NeezA Street
2019no races
2020HotfootR Vroon
2021HotfootR Vroon
2022HotfootR Vroon
2023HotfootR Vroon