Trophies – Hartley Trophy

Presented by the Carolyn and Malcolm Hartley

of Prospect House, Penryn, in response to MYC extending the number and type of races at the time.


Donated as a prize for the inshore route of the annual Fowey race. Normally, but not inevitably, undertaken by Q class boats.


From 2014 to 2019 a second race to Fowey in September was run with the Hartley Trophy awarded to the winner.  Both that and the first Fowey race, usually held in May, were run with a simple direct course.


No Passage races were run in 2020 – 2022.  In 2023 just a single race to Fowey was scheduled.

Awarded to:

2006A. RamsdenRattler
2007K. BatchelorFree Again
2008A. RamsdenRattler
2009L. EathornePallisander
2010J. CruiseMary Boon
2011S. FlemingDolly
2012John CruiseMary Boon
2013A. NancarrowGazelle
2014Mike Lithgow Meka
2015Chris HornAdelie
2016No Race
2017Peter DallowLightning
2018Tim RowleyThe Cool Kids
2019No Race

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