Trophies – Admiralty Block

In 1987, when the club needed more trophies, Sue Treneer found the Admiralty Block, Bitts, large Swivel and a small tankard in “Nautibits” a second-hand  nauticalia/yacht grot emporium run by John Watkins, in what is now Falmouth Marina. It was originally mounted on a wooden plinth

Year: 1987

Approx. height 50mm

Awarded to:

1987AlertB. Chisham
1988Miss AgnesEmma Rangecroft
2001LilyC. Taylor
2002LilyC. Taylor
2003LilyC. Taylor
2004LilyC. Taylor
2005LilyC. Taylor
2006LilyC. Taylor
2007LilyC. Taylor
2008Ark RoyalC. Gill
2009RosenA. Bell
2010Lady MayVictoria Whitworth
2011Lizzie DrippingL. McGrath
2012Lady MayVictoria Whitworth
2013Ark RoyalChris Gill
2014Lady MayVictoria Whitworth
2015NettieR. Rickard
2016ZoeJ. Wolfram
2017 - 2021not awarded
2022RewardA. Mills
2023Dawn of PolruanS. Przybylski

Other information:

Presented to the most successful Gaffer of the A and B series


From 2022 reintroduced for the winner of the third Sunday Pursuit Series for H class which includes Shrimpers and Gaffers).

The Admiralty Block has not been awarded since 2015 as there were no proper Gaffers racing and the Cape Cutters were invited to race with the Shrimper fleet.