Trophies – Lands End Cup

Presented by Ken Stead

Year: 1973

Approx. height 295mm to top of handles

Awarded to:

1973JemaldaJ. A. Muirhead
1974Race abandoned
1975Champagne MagnumW.K. & R Stead
1977JinjyP. Visick
1978Champagne MagnumW.K. & R Stead
1979Windward JoyG. Evans
1980Windward JoyG. Evans
1981Windward JoyG. Evans
1983Champagne MagnumA & S Treneer
1984ShenaniganC. Mulchay
1985Ros-AnnR. Bassett
1986Shenanigan IID. Reynolds & C.Mulchay
1990Summer WineJ. Bullen
1992IphigeniaJ. Blewett
1994La Bella SirenaJ. Blewett
1995BrainwaveG. Dover
1996BeefeaterP. Harrow
1999SnoopyP. Standley
2000SnoopyP. Standley
2001FrancesP. Webb
2002Solitaire of MylorN & J Brown
2003NanjizalJ.W. & J. Foote
2004Fyne SpiritP. Larner
and RaumatiJ. Leathes
2005Pious PelicanJ.W. Daniel
2006Bonnie RDonald Macaulay
2007PallisanderLaurel Eathorne
2008PtarmiganGeoff & Sue Pink
2009Dawn SeekerPhil Hennessy
2010Keri KeriPat Farrell
2011Dawn SeekerPhil Hennessy
2012Keri Keri 2Pat Farrell
2013Bonnie RDonald Macaulay
2014SplinterPeter & Stella Jones
2015PinguD. Thompson
2016Dawn SeekerP Hennessy
2017 - 2021not awarded
2022Flying CircusS Sampson

Other information:

Ken Stead was on the committees of both MYC and RCYC. His aim was to encourage offshore racing from the club. (FSC used to run a popular race round Wolf Rock, but it was about the only offshore race from Falmouth and some “wimps” got it stopped after a bad race!).  Ken wanted to encourage yachts to venture further afield than Fowey and go west of the Lizard.

He had sailed all his life and worked as a Physicist in a Sheffield Steelworks. He moved to Cornwall in 1955 to take up Politics and Sailing.

This was MYC’s first cup for the Scillies race. It later became the overall Offshore Series Cup, and is now awarded for cruising and presented at the Dinner/Dance.  The winner must have been west of Lizard Point. The engraving and list opposite records the previous season.

It is sad to record that Ken Stead, father of Sue Treneer, died in 2010.